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February 5, 2014

Parent Tip #1 Strategic Spoiling

We decided to add a Parenting Tip page to help the only two type of parents that exist in the world today. The CURRENT KiDebit Parents and the FUTURE KiDebit Parents learn some tips and techniques to maximize the KiDebit learning experience for your children. If you have an experience you would like to share with us about your KiDebit learning activities, please send us an email, post us on our site or just send us feedback using our feedback from on this site!

Parent Tip #1 – Strategic Spoiling
My wife today explained to me how she felt guilty about “charging” or forcing the kids to buy some candy with their money using KiDebit, because she loves them and wants to say Yes! Feeling as though she should sometimes just buy them what they want. In a more simplistic sense, she pointing out the fact that she wants to spoil our kids, because it makes her feel good to give them what they want. After thinking about this some more, I realized that what she wants is to express her love to them, and make them happy. The truth is, the candy purchase isn’t a sure deal for the kids, with or without KiDebit until a parent confirms they are allowed to acquire the candy in the first place. Therefore, the children still experience the happy emotions and sense of gratitude about being permissible to purchase candy. It’s natural to want to spoil our children and by all means spoil them while they are young and the benefit behind KiDebit is always the fact that we, the parents, ultimately control their allowance or money IN. So, spoiling them indirectly. For example, providing an extra $5.00 for helping with something out of the ordinary at home or a surprise $2 for getting an A on an assignment. Are ways to enforce positive rewards and at the same time, enabling them to “spoil” themselves. So my Parenting Tip #1 is to allow yourself to spoil your kids indirectly. You won’t always say yes to candy, regardless if they have money or not, and when you say yes, you can always help enable them through positive rewards that help fund the smaller gifts they want to purchase. Remember, you always can buy them a gift! Especially if the gift is something they didn’t just ask for, because if you buy children everything they ask for, its no longer gift giving, its spoiling. Use KiDebit to your advantage, spoil them strategically and complete the financial education circle of life.


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