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January 23, 2014

KiDebit Speaks at QEST Event – January 23rd!

KiDebit Speaking at QEST Event on January 23rd!! Click here for more details, but the cool part about the entire event is I was one of only four presenters selected!  A pretty cool opportunity and I’d like to thank Bob Jackson for making it all happen.


KiDebit was selected from a dozen other companies to be one of the four presenters at QEST last night. I didn’t realize until I was there that only 4 companies were presenting! It went very well and we received high appraise for our efforts. Kylie and Natalie were the only kids in attendance and received an applause from the crowd. Most folks in attendance were presidents and CEO’s from tech corps in Huntsville. Thanks to everyone who came for KD support.

Among the crowd of CEO’s and Presidents of local small to medium size tech companies drinking wine and beer, were our founders two girls (the only kids in the 80 person room) sitting with their Papa drinking water and sprite listening to an idea now product they helped innovate almost a year ago.

Our presentation had very little words, and only a few images displaying of a hamster, cake pop app icon, a dollar bill and a QRcode.  KiDebit received some great praise afterwards!
If you are curious about our presentation with little words…. here you go!



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