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Introducing KiDebit-0
July 3, 2013

Introducing KiDebit


Kidebit is for children and parents. Children love it because they get a unique debit like card with their photo on it that has no actual cash value, but provides them a sense of value and cash savings with a mobile app!

Parents love it because it allows them to pay their kids an allowance, give them rewards and their child learns financial responsibility, without having the responsibility of managing…actual real cash!

  • Friends and Family can  purchase a child a cash gift which is added to the child’s non-valued Kidebit card.
  • The parent uses the app and scans their child’s card.
  • The app presents the current balance for the child and the parent can withdraw or add monies to it.
  • Gifts received will also be listed and the parent must accept the gift before it is added to the childs KiDebit account.

The real money is always managed by only the parents, and a check is mailed or direct deposited into the parents account so the bank of guardian can later backup the kidebit cards claimed value. 

Children learning about financial responsibility, Children learning the concept and use of a debit card, no actual value or money can ever be lost and parents control real cash purchases, payments and rewards!



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