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September 3, 2013

KiDebit Makes it to Public Radio! 92.9 or 1490AM

Folks with Free Radio apps or live in the local area of Huntsville. Listen into 1450AM/92.9FM WTKI & 1490AM/94.7FM WEKI radio station, please listen to the Fred Holland show this Monday morning at 7 for an hour long conversation about Huntsville Open Tech Coffee and the amazing things going on with the HSV entrepreneurship ecosystem.



The radio show was great! Dr. Whitman spoke very well of the emerging ecosystem of the Huntsville Tech Startup initiatives and gave KiDebit a shout out on public radio! Our first and surely not last appearance!

Thanks to Dr. Whitman for thinking of us!  Hopefully in the near future we will receive an audio recording of that radio show.  We have a request now into the station for CD copy and they said no problem!


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