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KiDebit - Smart Money Smart Kids, a Priceless Education.


Developed by parents for our kids...

KiDebit was created in the kitchen of our founders home when his daughter asked why she wasn't getting her weekly payments again because mom and dad had no real cash on hand. It became difficult to track how much he owed his daughters, or how much they needed to deduct from her home piggy bank after going out shopping. Until one Sunday their daughter asked if she could just have a Kid Debit card instead of cash. EUREKA~! That night the founder stayed up till sunrise creating the first prototype app of KiDebit. A card printed on paper, laminated with clear duck tape and a no thrill app changed their families life forever. The next morning the kids were handed their first KiDebit card and said "scan it!". The look on their face was priceless after they saw their total virtual balance on the app. Sure its a virtual card and the real money is still in mom and dads real bank account. But for the kids, it was REAL, and the learning experience that follows this story is priceless!


KiDebit Mobile App is a simple child friendly app that scans a child's KiDebit card and displays their virtual balance. The app also lets children set savings, spending and giving goals for stuff they want to spend their money on! When parents want to pay their kids or give them a cash gift, they simply add or deduct the virtual amount with the app and enter a PIN. The app allows for parents to sign in with Google / Facebook so they can add children accounts, order cards and edit child profile info.

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Our innovation that allows a child as young as 4 years old the ability to view their virtual piggy balance with a simple scan of their card. Adults can order a high quality printed card which provides children the most realistic look and feel of a debit card OR simply print one out with a home printer for free! Kids can have one or more cards and there is no real value on the card. So when lost, and trust us...,they lose cards all the time! But its better than losing cash or a real debit! No worries, just print more!

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How does it teach children?

A child believes the card is just like mom and dad's debit card. They carry it with them, which teaches them responsibility. Kids also are empowered to spend and save when they know how much money they have anytime and anywhere they want. The key is for parents to allow kids to spend THEIR money. KiDebit helps enable parents to easily spend their kids money when shopping because kids can ask "Can I buy this..." and now can answer their own question by checking cost price and their available balance. It's EASY to Teach Kids about the Value of Money!

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My children are truly enjoying and learning from Kid Debit. Before Kid Debit they would lose or waste their cash as soon as they had it, and I had grown tired of "holding" it for them. We always seemed to remember different amounts being held. They were so excited to receive their debit cards in the mail! We had printed paper cards at home, and were not expecting the permanent ones so it was a great surprise! They are using their money much more wisely. Thank you! The Lones Family
Wow! It's pretty cool looking. It's kid friendly! Fred Holland 1450AM/92.9FM WTKI
We were really impressed with your submission to the MOO awards, and we wondered if you would be happy with us featuring KiDebit... Ashley Wood (
Spectacular! A great educational tool for our next generation of young minds. HSV Angel Investor
My favorite thing about KiDebit are the cards! I love my Daddy helping me learn about money and letting me spend my money on stuff I like! Thank You!! Kylie - 9 Years Old
My children actually understand saving an gifting. KiDebit is one awesome idea!!! I was in awe as my son, yes my 7 year old, was explaining to me how savings and gifting goals worked! Proud KiDebit Parent
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KiDebit Teaches Kids How to Budget in the Real World

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Meet the team

Sales Lead

Natalie Birmingham

Sales and Marketing

Natalie is a 7 year old KiDebit Champion! She is also our lead sales rep!  Nobody sales a successful product or service better than a user who believes in it most and loves learning from it.  Her goal is to open up a KiDebit Store with her sister Kylie.

Business Operations Lead

Mani Radhaji

Chief Operations Officer

Mani has a gift in running successful software development companies. He currently is the chief technology and operations officer for two software development companies. KiDebit LLC inspired by his love for his two children.

Lead Developer / Architect

Eric Green

Lead Developer / Architect

Eric is a KiDebit blessing, who enjoys coding, music and marriage. He has brought a tremendous amount of creativity, UI / Database design and mobile application programming experience to our team -leading our future!

Founder CEO

Jacob Birmingham


Jacob, innovator and business developer who was the original founder of KiDebit and has been inspired from day one by his two daughters. Both are avid KiDebit users and have been the source for all current features in the mobile app design.

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